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A local couple have moved into their dream retirement home after being re-housed following an innovative housing project developed between Tees Valley Housing Group and Bellway Homes. Iris and Vaughan Barnard had been on the local authority list for re-housing for nine years.

A conveyancer is a legal person having sound legal knowledge in the field and carry out the conveyancing on their client’s behalf. Both buyer and seller hire different conveyancers to carry out the conveyancing and they carry out the conveyancing on behalf of their clients. Conveyancing is a very important step in the process of property transfer; it ensures a safe and secure process of conveyancing and peace of mind for the buyer as well as seller. E Conveyancing Adelaide plays a very important role in the entire process and hence only a licensed and well experienced conveyancer should be hired for carrying out the process.Iris was finding the stairs at their upstairs council flat in Spennymoor more and more difficult due to her worsening diabetic condition. Their nine-year wait for a new home has come to an end thanks to the new approach to home-building being progressed by two of the region’s leading housing providers.

Iris and Vaughan have benefited from this new policy, moving in to one of the 10 Tees Valley Housing Group (TVHG) bungalows specially designed for the over 55s on Bellway’s new development site in Spennymoor. Iris, 62, and Vaughan, 69, met whilst Vaughan was working as a pianist in the old Imperial Hotel in Stanley. They married in 1965 and then both worked for BT for 20 years from 1969 and have been living back in Iris’s native North East for the last 22 years.

Iris is originally from Spennymoor, while Vaughan was born in Essex. They moved back to the North East after a transfer through work. Recent changes in planning legislation and a growing awareness of the importance of providing not just affordable housing, but also a range of types of housing for local people in all areas of the country have led to some dramatic changes of policy in the housing sector.

Last year’s Urban White Paper and the Lord Rogers Report have been instrumental in developing this new way of thinking. Modern housing for sale and rent exists side by side on the new development, something that would have been rare five years ago. All the new bungalows have specially widened doors and entrances to allow wheelchair access, have special security features and have a warden call alarm system.

They are located together in the heart of the Tudhoe estate, which in total contains over 400 homes, the majority of which are owned privately. Neil Turnbull, Development Manager with Bellway Homes, said: “We are now doing more work in conjunction with RSLs like Tees Valley Housing Group than ever before. There is a growing recognition that we can achieve more by working together on schemes like this one in Tudhoe than by working independently.”

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