Month: March 2018

How the link is been build up due to valuations process ?

Coming from a lengthy meeting of the Government Finance and Appropriations Committee on Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Jody Letson, D-Hillsboro, said he sees a Legislature caught in the middle on key measures before the state’s lawmakers this session. The governor has proposals on how to raise the funds we need, then you have the people on the other side with their own proposals and we’re hearing from both sides,” Letson said. “The Legislature is caught in the middle.

Holding a 4-inch thick stack of revenue measures the House Government Finance and Appropriations Committee tackled for two hours Wednesday, Letson said he believes there are some answers that could help move critical measures forward. “I think the answer is to go through the measures we are starting with now,” Letson said. Once the Legislature addresses critical revenue measures, Letson said he believes compromise on some other accountability issues may be possible, if the different parties can work together.

Aaron Campbell, the fired Moulton city clerk who was indicted for stealing city funds, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Lawrence County Circuit Court and was sentenced to three years in prison. She must pay court costs and make restitution in the amount of $66,193. 07. Lawrence County Circuit Judge Philip Reich also ordered Grant to get treatment for the illness that landed her in a mental health facility. She applied for probation, and Reich said he would set a hearing date. Reich said that he would consider the time that Grant was incarcerated at the Lawrence County Jail and was at Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa. Grant was fired for writing herself unauthorized payroll checks that totaled about $15,000.

A subsequent investigation showed that there was about $100,000 in missing funds, which led to the indictment. The Alabama attorney general’s office prosecuted the case at the request of Lawrence County authorities. Grant faced 16 counts of forgery and theft, but the state dropped 15 charges as part of a plea agreement. She was sentenced for a charge of second-degree forgery.