Month: June 2016

Why property valuation Succeeds

wanted to reach out to a financial expert tonight no room that the boys white raw from a tel y your financial expert I will have a PhD in finance and I a tough financial by twenty years and University Kentucky Indian University Syracuse University ET tetrameter so you know I know a lot about money and orders I do not have any money I used to know really want one Islamic in fine is a win even release was going to college a filibuster any money learn about money somebody will pay me money to talk about money but then.

I’d really also learn how money can be used as a tool not just to liberate you but it can also was leave you and we have a lot of multimillionaires I in our community that are scarier than chattel there are just afraid of everything free to be controversial several and Sand I think sometimes we look at mine the wrong way our honeymooner it is powerful like fire like a drug like fired me to cook you food and keep you warm work in Bern Union family latter drug me the heel you make you better book in turn into an addict and so are their relationship.

money i think is important because most of us think about money Valuations QLD several times a day every day and you wrote several books on finances were year year you know I will book a black American money arm have noble coming out call it takes a village to raise the barney paradigm for black America is basically talking about are your jazz ways to think about money in ways that their money can really Bethe next step in a civil rights movement you know because are you know if you have political power without without any economic power on this kinda like arm have a driver’s license but not have a car you know like you not gonna go anywhere with somebody else wants you art want to give you ride and then at.

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