Month: April 2015

Who works as a main lead in finding a conveyancer for the client?

Whenever any procedure is conducted online it is conducted very easily as well as systematically. It includes various types of legal formalities in it. With the help of the online system a huge amount of one as well as the time is saved due to which a person gets the very best and required results very easily and with complete accuracy both at the same time. Voicemail is not in operation across L&Q. Tenants can report repairs through the internet by accessing L&Q’s ‘Repairs On Line’ service. As is normal for other RSLs, L&Q operates a complaints procedure that escalates complaints up through the management structure, ultimately reaching a panel of committee members.

To improve performance and service delivery, L&Q decided to move away from a generic approach to customer services, where one person was the main point of contact for most housing matters, to a more functional approach. This major change was introduced through a pilot in the North Thames office. Three new teams responsible for Revenue Collection, Property Services Act conveyancing Sydney and Customer Services were introduced in 1999.

Customer Service Officers operate on a patch basis so tenants retain an individual and personal point of contact, but rent and repairs are managed by the Revenue and Property Services teams. As this pilot proved successful it was rolled out to the other two regional offices in early 2000.

Instant and accurate changes can be made very easily and efficiently to give the desired as well as very best results to the people who have been completely involved in buying and selling of the property. Everything is carried out completely easily and efficiently with the help of it. L&Q gathers a significant amount of information about tenant views on its services, for example through continual satisfaction surveys, and makes changes to its services as a result. Additional methods for assessing tenant satisfaction have been introduced, including delegating a new satisfaction survey for gas servicing to key maintenance partners in SETR.

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